Halloween is creeping upon us. Trick or Treatment in the month of October with your pet. Receive 10% OFF teeth cleanings from October 1 – October 31/2022Oral health is very important as it affects the overall health and well being of our pets. Neglecting oral hygiene in dogs and cats can lead to health issues. Our pet’s teeth and gums must be checked at least once a year to ensure a happy, healthy and comfortable life.

Our oral health is very important to us and we cannot forget about our pets too. Bring them in for a Pre Dental Examination and let one of our Veterinarians guide you in the right direction for caring for your pet’s oral health.

Receive a complimentary bag of Hills T/D Dental Care after your pet’s dental procedure. Hill’s T/D Dental Care Diet will help your pet brush their teeth as they chew and slow down the process of plaque and tartar buildup until their next visit.

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