Join us during the month of November as we celebrate Senior Pets! Just like us, our cat’s and dog’s health change as they age. Because our pets age faster than us, major health changes can happen quickly. Some health conditions may include kidney disease, heart condition, cancer, arthritis, and much more. If we can detect any health conditions early, it may help them live longer, healthier, and happier.

Any pet over the age of 7 years old should receive an annual physical examination and routine blood tests. During the month of November, we are offering any pet over the age of 7 years to receive 15% OFF our Senior Package, which consists of a thorough physical examination and a geriatric blood panel. We are also offering 15% OFF teeth cleanings for our senior fur friends. Oral health is very important. It is extremely important to keep their teeth clean as they age. Contact us today for more information about keeping our pets happy during their golden years.

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