Happy Holidays and Happy Smiles. Christmas is just around the corner. As we are all busy doing last minute gift shopping for our family and friends, let us help you decide on what to get for your furry friend this holiday season. During the month of December receive 15% OFF your pet’s teeth cleaning!

Oral health is very important to us and our pets. Poor oral health can cause and other health problems. A few symptoms to look out for are:

–          Bad breath

–          Loose/ broken/ discolored teeth

–          Reduced appetite

–          Pain/ swelling/ bleeding around the mouth

Our pet’s teeth and gums must be checked at least once a year to ensure a happy, healthy and comfortable life. Contact us today and schedule an oral health examination and let our veterinarian help you gift your pet the biggest smile this year.

Receive a complimentary bag of Hills T/D Dental Care after your pet’s dental procedure. Hill’s T/D Dental Care Diet will help your pet brush their teeth as they chew and slow down the process of plaque and tartar buildup until their next visit.