About Us

Happy Tails Animal Hospital is an established full-service veterinary hospital nestled in the heart of Lonsdale, North Vancouver. Our primary objective is to deliver unparalleled customer service for both you and your beloved pets, which is reflected in our hospital’s name. At Happy Tails, we hold pets dear to our hearts and treat them as cherished members of the family.

Dedicated to providing top-notch medical services, we strive to ensure that your pets lead happy and healthy lives. It is both our passion and privilege to extend our care to your furry family members. We look forward to serving you and your pets with the utmost dedication and compassion.

Our Team

Dr. Kamin Mamaghani

Dr. Kamin Mamaghani graduated from Veterinary Medicine University in Iran in 1997. Shortly after, he started working in small and large animal medicine for five years. Upon moving to Canada in 2006, he worked efficiently in plenty of small animal practices along the way of getting his license. Since Dr. Kamin succeeds in achieving a Canadian veterinary license, he kept working in small animal practices. Subsequently, he opened his own animal hospital in the heart of Lonsdale, North Vancouver in April 2019. His enthusiasm for helping animals makes him a loyal and truthful veterinarian whose pattern is to ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life. He hopes not only to meet but exceed all his clients’ and patients’ expectation. Dr. Kamin always encourages everyone at the hospital to believe in Happy Tails’ golden mission: “We value the opportunity to be a part of you and your pet’s life. It is our passion and our honor to care for your family.”

Dr. Roxanne Wood

Bio coming soon!


Teresa completed her studies in the Veterinary Office and Animal Care at Douglas College in 2013. Possessing a compassionate heart and gentle spirit, she is our Practice Manager. She brings over a decade of invaluable experience in the veterinary industry, excelling in her role with exceptional skill and dedication. Her primary objective is not only to meet but to surpass the expectations of both clients and their beloved pets. With a deep-seated commitment to fostering a supportive atmosphere for our staff and veterinarians, Teresa focuses on ensuring an outstanding workplace for all. Her unwavering support extends not only to her colleagues but also to our cherished clients and patients. Treating each pet with the utmost care and compassion, she embodies a heartfelt approach, treating clients as extensions of her own family.

Outside of work, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, spending quality time with her loved ones – including her dog, Pickles, and her cat, Muffin. Embracing the beauty of nature, Teresa enjoys nature walks and gardening. A culinary enthusiast at heart, she delights in crafting delicious food and embarking on DIY home improvement projects. Always eager for adventure, she loves exploring new places and creating memories with family and friends. With Teresa’s leadership and genuine care, you can trust that our practice is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and compassion to both our clients and patients.


Kayla is our valued Veterinary Technician whose dedication to her role is second to none. Since joining us in 2019, Kayla has consistently showcased her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to putting our patients first. She ensures that they receive the utmost care and attention at all times. Her compassionate approach and attention to detail makes her an invaluable member of our team. 

Outside of her professional duties, Kayla finds joy in spending quality time with her partner, Elliott, and her beloved pets – Daisy and Ollie, the dynamic duo of dogs, along with her cat, Habibi. Embracing the great outdoors, Kayla enjoys hiking and kayaking adventures, finding solace in nature’s beauty. Additionally, she cherishes moments spent with her family and friends, relishing in their company and creating lasting memories. A true bookworm at heart, Kayla also finds comfort in the pages of a great book.


Sabrina is a valued member of our team serving as one of our dedicated Veterinary Assistants. Currently juggling her responsibilities here at our practice with her studies, she is enrolled in university pursuing a degree in nursing. With a strong work ethic and unwavering dedication, Sabrina consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of all the patients who walk through our doors. Her compassion and diligence shine through in every task she undertakes, earning her the admiration of both her colleagues and our clients.

Outside of work and her academic pursuits, Sabrina finds joy in spending time with her beloved pets, Rocky the dog and Pish the cat. When she’s not caring for animals or hitting the books, you can often find Sabrina exploring new adventures with friends and family or whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen. With her compassionate nature, strong work ethic, and zest for life, Sabrina enriches our team and the lives of those around her every day.


Linda is a dedicated member of our team here at Happy Tails Animal Hospital. While she works diligently to provide the best care for our furry friends as a Veterinary Assistant, Linda is also pursuing her dreams of becoming a registered nurse by currently attending university. With a strong work ethic and a passion for animals, she brings compassion and dedication to every task. When she’s not busy at the hospital or hitting the books, Linda enjoys spending quality time with her beloved dog, Dubu, and exploring new adventures together. Whether it’s bonding with family and friends or embarking on outdoor excursions with Dubu by her side, Linda cherishes every moment of joy and connection that animals bring into her life.


Andrea is our exceptional receptionist who brings warmth and efficiency to our team. With a knack for cultivating strong relationships with our patients, Andrea’s dedication and care shine through in every interaction. Known for her gentle and compassionate approach, Andrea ensures that every patient feels valued and supported. Her commitment to providing the best experience for our clients is unparalleled, making her an invaluable asset to our practice. Outside of work, Andrea finds joy in spending time with her beloved cat, Sky, as well as her children and family. She enjoys engaging in leisurely activities like board games and leisurely walks, embracing moments of relaxation and connection. With Andrea at the forefront of our team, we can rest assured that experiences with us will be nothing short of exceptional.


Meet Ally, one of our exceptional veterinary assistants who brings a wealth of compassion and dedication to her role. Currently enrolled in Purdue University’s Veterinary Technician Program, Ally’s love for animals is evident in everything she does. With a profound passion for their well-being, she excels in providing top-notch care and support to our furry friends. Known for her unwavering commitment and gentle demeanor, Ally is not only great at her job but also a pillar of support for her colleagues. Her sweet nature and nurturing spirit are truly appreciated by all who work alongside her.

Outside of her professional duties, Ally finds solace and joy in the company of her beloved pets, Junie and Benny. A true advocate for animal welfare, she generously volunteers her time at the local SPCA on her days off, further exemplifying her dedication to our furry companions. In her leisure time, Ally enjoys quality moments spent with her partner and pets, cherishing the simple joys of life. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, getting lost in the pages of a good book, playing the piano, or hitting the golf course, Ally embraces every opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment.




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